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A Structured Insurance Settlement – The Pros and Cons

If you get an insurance case go in your favour, you will often be offered to have the payments in a Structured Insurance Settlement. This means that instead of getting the money in one lump sum, you receive the money in regular fixed payments. It may be monthly payments, it may be a larger payment [...]

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How Are Structured Settlement Loans Different To Selling Your Settlement?

Structured Settlement Loans are pretty much what they sound like – a company will lend you money against the future payments you’ll get from your settlement. That is not the same as selling it. Both options are ways for you to get hold of the money early, so you might think there’s no difference, but [...]

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Structured Settlement Companies – How They Will Approach You

Structured Settlement Companies may be part of larger organizations, or they may be individual companies. However they are set up though, be sure about one thing – they are out to make money. Be *very* sure about that, because they want to make that money at your expense! That may sound harsh or glib, but [...]

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Companies Who Purchase Structured Settlements – Should You Always Steer Clear?

You’ve recently won a legal case, and you get approached by several companies that purchase structured settlements. You’ve heard all about them and their bad name, so you should just run a mile, right? Well, not in every case – there can be solid reasons to look closer, so read on to find out more… [...]

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Welcome to Sell Structured Settlement

Welcome, we are pleased that you have found our site. On these pages, we will attempt to clarify some of the concepts and issued involved with the world of how to a sell structured settlement. We hope the offerings will be beneficial to you and you our site a regular stop on your quest for [...]

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